When you as National Director and License Holder will sign the License Agreement with us you have to know and be aware that this is legally a binding contract. Of course inside the contract, you will find all your rights and obligations, as well as those of your franchise. The Indian Heritage Beauty Pageant franchise agreement sets the terms for every aspect. We using the Franchise for royalties and fees, taxes, patents, and copyrights, maintaining offices and for expanding the name of our Organization and the IHB Pageant.

Of course, it also helps you to have an overlook and you secure territory boundaries, operational stipulations, and much moreā€”all of it varies according to your business and the way you want to run your Indian Heritage Beauty Pageant Franchise.

The Franchise will give you the exclusive right to work with our brand in your country and to take part in the annual National Directors Meeting. Furthermore, you can gain many advantages if you become our License Holder. Please contact us for further information and if the Franchise in your country is still available.