1. One entry per contestant. MUST register prior to the deadline to participate.

2. Contestants must not have been convicted of a felony crime. She must be a naturally born female, married to a naturally born male.

3. Auditions will be conducted whenever possible, however, some contestants may be selected based on their application and bio-based on availability of spots.

4. Contestants will be required to submit two professionally taken pictures for social media and event day.

5. All contestants will be required to sign an agreement with IHB. Winners may be required to make appearances on behalf of the IHB during their title year.

6. Contestants will be selected on a first-come basis and the number of contestants is limited.

7. Contestants must never have, nor will be during their reign, pose for any photography, video, or film associated with any nudity or pornography. Nor has ever or is presently involved in any form of employment which involves partial or complete nudity.

8. Contestant agrees all decisions of judges at the Local, National and International levels are final and irrevocable, and that will abide by all regulations at the National and International competitions. Furthermore, any Contestant and or family member or guest, showing less than sportsmanlike behaviour at the Pageant will lead to disqualification of the Contestant with no refund under these circumstances.

9. The contestant will permit IHB  and their licensees the right to use contestant's photograph for publicity purposes in connection with all IHB.

10. The contestant will permit IHB and their licensees to televise life or by the use of film, video or other media, any portion or all of the competition.

11. Contestant, if selected, agrees to attend the International Competition as the Country Representative and abide by all rules and regulations required by the same or forfeit the title. If Contestant relinquishes, for any reason, any title gave them, all prizes must be returned in full, and in the condition received.

12. Contestant further understands that if selected a winner in their competition, that for one year her professional affairs as said winner will be under the sole management of IHB and/or its licensees and that they will not give any written or oral endorsements without the express written permission of same. Contestant acknowledges that all rights for any appearances, endorsements, speaking engagements, acting roles, etc. resulting from winning or being a contestant in any national or international competition affiliated with IHB shall belong exclusively to the same.

13. The contestant will be subject to a registration fee and or a sponsor fee. Fees may vary for each state and our country. Furthermore, Contestant may not be a “National” title holder with any other Pageant System, as of Jan 1st of the competition year.

I agree with all the rules and regulations stated on the application:

Note: These Rules and Regulations are subject to modification, as needed, without prior notice. IHB reserves the right to make said modifications at its sole discretion and Contestant’s continued participation in the National or International Pageant shall be deemed her acceptance of such modifications.